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Self-Care |  6 benefits of personal growth and development

Self-Care | 6 benefits of personal growth and development

Welcome back! This is part 2 of the What is Personal Growth and Development post. My intention was to help you gain a better understanding of your growth journey & I’m glad that you’ve decided to keep moving forward. The next step is to explore the importance of Self-Love & Development.

I can speak from experience, just like many others and tell you that this process is extremely valuable. My life was a complete mess before I began to invest in my well-being. I was overly stressed, secretly depressed and worried about my future. Investing in myself and my development drastically changed the direction of my life and I want the same for you. Let’s grow!



I have listed 6 common benefits of embarking on a Self-Love & Development journey below. Please keep in mind that these are only some of the many benefits associated with investing in yourself. Many times we believe that if we change outside factors we will feel better about ourselves. If I get that new home, car, job, spouse… then everything will be perfect!

The reality is that those things may cause us to feel a temporary sense of happiness or comfort. But, if we are in need of deep lasting fulfillment, it all begins with the inner self. Let’s get started!



A personal growth and development journey is an amazing way to increase our self-confidence and awareness. Self-development requires us to continuously evaluate ourselves, our actions and our reactions to life experiences. During growth cycles, we learn to take the blame away from other people or unfair circumstances. This gives us the opportunity to hold ourselves accountable for our own lives.

We get to know ourselves, our likes and dislikes. We learn to eliminate negative self-thinking and began to value the things about us that makes us special. We began to view ourselves as unique, rare and exclusive instead of flawed and/or damaged. Essentially, we get in tune with ourselves which organically increases our self-confidence.



A major part of personal growth and development is learning to face fears and overcome anxiety. It’s usually fear and anxiety that holds us back from achieving what we want out of life. The fear of being judged by others kept me from succeeding or even experiencing different things in my life. Fear is like a mental prison of our own making. The crazy part is that our success is almost always on the other side of conquering those fears.



Mindfulness is one of the most beneficial processes I have learned through my growth journey. A mindful state is a beautiful place and we make our best decisions when our mind is clear. In simple terms, mindfulness means being in the moment or focusing your attention on your present experience. I talk about mindfulness A LOT on Seed Water Sun, so get ready to go very in-depth my friend 🙂

But real quick, let’s look at fear and anxiety to get a better understanding of mindfulness. Fear usually creeps in when we are too worried because of what happened in the past. Anxiety occurs when we are worrying too much about what will happen in the future. Being mindful is to understand that the past cannot be changed, the future has not occurred and the most important time is RIGHT NOW.



My belief is that we are all powerful, spiritual beings having a human experience. I’m not sure where you are on your spiritual path, but my hope is that you realize your own personal power as you begin to expand your awareness. Let me give you a quick example.

Before I became aware of my power, I struggled with negative thinking and negative self-talk. I would expect unfavorable outcomes to situations or beat myself up mentally when I made a mistake. I’m always going to be like this. I will never find love. I’m not ready to make that move. I’m not qualified for that position. I can’t get out of this situation.

These beliefs held me back from experiencing happiness and being successful. I was unaware of the impact my negative thinking had in my life because I didn’t understand the power of my mind. Embarking on my personal growth and development journey helped me realize how my thoughts create my reality. I want the same for you. This idea is so simple, yet so many of us are clueless about this concept.



Do you agree that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the majority of our time with? We may not want to acknowledge this fact, but there is definitely some validity to this concept. Think about it… We generally attract or are attracted to people who are “like us” in some way. We may have many things in common, come from similar backgrounds or maybe even have the same outlook on life.

As we began to grow and change, our social circle will do the same. As we immerse our self in peace and understanding we may develop a distaste for negativity. As we achieve goals or remove blockages and mental ceilings, we may not vibe well with those who have limiting beliefs or a lack of motivation. We must remember that like attracts like.



Finally, we get to one of my favs! I remember getting to a point in life where I was tired of failing. I knew I had to do something different if I wanted different results. I could have continued to blame my past, other people or unfair circumstances for my lack of success… but I decided to work on myself instead.

So many times we try to change our external factors hoping to feel better or to get better results. We change our jobs, we move, we date different people, we change our hair or whatever… but we always end up in the same situation. This is because we haven’t improved the most important aspect of our lives, our internal well-being. Let me tell you 🙂 When we do the inner work, things begin to fall into place like magic.



I’m eager to know what you all think about the points listed above. Do you know some other benefits of self-love and development? As always, I hope you found this post helpful and I encourage you to keep moving forward. Thanks for growing with me!



Neisha Serene

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