3 Signs that it's Time to Change Direction

We all know that change is the only constant in life 🙂 You would think that by the time we are adults we’d be comfortable with the idea of change. But the reality is that change can be pretty intimidating. It may be because we fear the unknown or we are uncomfortable with the thought of uncertainty. It may also be that we are too comfortable with what is certain in our lives. After all, our comfort zones do give us a sense of security.

Some of us avoid change because we have made a commitment to something. Sometimes I am so bent on succeeding that I subconsciously sacrifice myself, my sanity and my happiness. For instance, I was determined to make a relationship work even though I knew deep down that it wasn’t right for me. Some situations require us to push through the challenges, while others are only lessons meant to direct us toward something greater.




We get still and we pay attention. Life will give us signs when it’s time to make some changes. If we will allow ourselves the opportunity to become centered and aware, we will find the answers we seek. So, is it time to end that relationship? Is it time to leave that job? Is it time to start that business or follow that dream? Let’s explore…





Have you ever had one of those days where everything goes wrong? You stub your toe getting out of bed. You can’t find your keys. You’re running late and then there’s insane traffic on the highway. Your manager is being unreasonable and your insecure coworker will not stop boasting and bragging. You get a flat tire on the way home and to top it all off, a bird poops on your windshield…

Have you ever had a day like that? What about a week, or a month or even years of things not working out for you? You dread going to work. Your relationships are in turmoil. Your kids are misbehaving. People around you are being fake. Your bank account is depressing. You’re not reaching any goals. I could go on and on, but I hope you get the point here.

This is a SIGN! When things are falling apart or consistently not working out, you need to change direction. On a spiritual level, this means that you are operating at a low vibrational frequency. You are attracting low or negative people, situations and circumstances directly to your life. It’s up to you to evaluate your life and make some changes. If not, you will continue to live the life you are living.   



Our emotions are amazing guides designed to assist us through navigating this life. They are amazing at helping us gauge whether we are on the right track. It’s such a simple concept, yet we sometimes try to complicate their presence.

Think about it. When we are generally happy, optimistic, or passionate then things are well. All we need to do is more of whatever we are doing. However, when we are feeling pessimistic, discouraged, insecure or overwhelmed that is the cue to evaluate our situation. Something is not right and we need to make some changes.

We don’t need to hide or suppress our emotions. We need to be aware of what we’re feeling and why we’re feeling that way. Are you in a relationship where you ultimately feel unworthy and frustrated instead of positive and appreciated? Are you good at your job, but wonder why you’re bored instead of passionate? Evaluate your emotions, when they are consistently negative that is a sign to change direction. 



This is a sure sign that we need to change direction, but we often ignore it. If we have come to the point where we are settling for less, then we have given up. We’ve accepted a situation and have allowed our circumstances to control our outcome.

Maybe we feel that it’s too late for us to make some changes. Maybe we feel that we are too old or too young to make that thing happen. Maybe we feel that we are stuck because of our current circumstances.

Whatever the excuse of the day is, the fact remains that we have given up and are settling for less.

Think about it. Why are you living in that house instead of your dream home? Why did you take that job instead of your dream job? Why are you with that person instead of the one you’re truly meant to be with? What is your excuse? Money, credentials, shortcomings, guilt, circumstances?? These are all things that you can overcome and work to improve.



Ok, I’m eager to know your thoughts on this topic. Did you find these signs helpful? Making the decision to change our direction may be difficult… but, if we always do what we’ve always done, we will always get what we’ve always gotten. Thanks for growing with me!  


Neisha Serene

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