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"Even the Lone Ranger didn't do it alone."

-Harvey MacKay

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Did you know that the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every relationship you have in your life?

it’s true… let’s look at a few common scenerios…

  • Do you love yourself?

    • A lack of self-love can easily lead to settling in relationships, among many other things. Think about it… how can you expect someone to love you when you don’t even like you. Other people recognize this in you, whether you realize it or not. The easiest person for an abuser to use physically, mentally and emotionally is the person who does not love themselve. Please be careful…

  • Do you accept yourself?

    • Have you ever found yourself in an unhealthy relationship? One reason could be due to a lack of self-acceptance. Abuser are known to seek out individuals you are in search of acceptance. They provide a false sense of acceptance to the victim and then you are like putty in their hands. Manipulation is effortless for an abuser at this point because they play on your need to feel accepted or loved.

  • Are you secure within yourself?

    • Those who suffer from insecurity are prone to self-sabotaging tendencies. Friendships can be ruined due to unhealthy comparisons. Romantic relationships can be ruined by allegations or thoughts brought on by insecurities. Even the closest family relationships can fall prey to the affects of personal insecurity.

  • Do you trust yourself?

    • Have you ever found yourself in a toxic relationship? Do you feel like you ignored the red flags? It’s common to be easily influenced by another when you do not trust yourself or your intuition. You generally tend to “go against your first mind” or your “gut feeling” when you do not trust yourself.

  • Do you value yourself?

    • Are you the type to put the feelings and well being of another in front of your own? Do you feel like it’s selfish to do for yourself when others need your help? Do you go without or place your own needs on the back burner due to another? Why? Are you not as valuable as them?


Family Relationships

Your family relationships are most likely your first examples of relationships in general. How did your parents treat each other? Did you experience a divorce as a child? Did you come from a blended family? Were you a member of a single parent household? Were you shown affections, acceptance and support? Were you able to openly communicate in your household? Did you have to learn resilience at a young age due to challenges?

These are only a handful of aspects that may have contributed to your overall view of relationships. These aspects have also most likely shaped the relationship you have with yourself. If you find it difficult to improve your current relationships, you should start by taking a look back down memory lane.


Friendships are extremely important in your life. We all long for companionship, even if you feel like a loner or you prefer the majority of your time to be spent in private. At some point we all need to interact with others… it’s human nature.

Friendships can benefit us in various ways ranging from physical support to emotional well-being. The key, however, is to be able to discern between to healthy friendships and toxic attachments. We need people around who encourage and uplift us rather than those who bring us down.

Also, have you ever heard that you are subconsciously influenced by the 5 people you spend the majority of your time with?

Romantic Relationships

There are so many aspects, stages and variations to romantic relationships. When creating the site I struggled with the decision to included this area within the content. But, how can we truly grow if we shy away from paths that may be a bit challenging?

Therefore, I decided to tackle this segment piece by piece and allow it to grow and expand over time. With that understanding, let’s begin with these areas:

  • Dating

  • Monogamy

  • Intimacy & Sexuality

  • Marriage

  • Abusive Relationships

I hope you’re ready because this segment is going to be fun!

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